Outdoor Woodburning Boilers

How it Works

Unsurpassed for Efficiency, Performance and Versatility.

Central Boiler make heating with wood as simple and efficient as it gets.

The woodburning boiler is ideal for heating both residential and commercial properties, single or multiple buildings without using other heat sources.

The boiler is typically installed outside on a concrete pad and can be sited either adjacent to the property or up to 100 meters plus away from your home or buildings working in conjunction with any existing or new heating system.

A Water Jacket or Buffer surrounds the boiler firebox and heat exchanger, and heated water is circulated to your home or building through insulated underground pipework – an efficient way to move heat over distances.

The outdoor boiler is designed to work in conjunction with any new or existing heating system – water to air or water to water without the need for an additional buffer/accumulator – the boiler and the buffer all in one unit.  This allows the boiler to burn efficiently and means that there is a constant store of energy to supply the heating and/ or hot water systems on demand.

Leaving the energy in the wood means that there is minimum heat loss and less loading.  The energy remains available until there is a requirement for heat or hot water from the system.  In the meantime, the boiler maintains an ember bed by automatically pulsing air intermittently into the firebox ready for re-ignition when there is a demand for heat from the system.

The Air Charge Tube – Unique to Central Boiler, the air charge tube takes the power of a raging fire and focuses it into a highly-efficient, low emission, engineering marvel.  It protects the ceramic and helps the boiler relight faster.  Ultimately, the result is increased efficiency which puts more heat into your home.

Vertical Heat Exchanger – The design of the heat exchanger in addition to the integrated cleaning system minimises the amount of maintenance required.

The boiler runs on a standard 13 amp electric supply which means that it is SUPER EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE TO RUN.