Outdoor Woodburning Boilers


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How a Central Boiler Outdoor Woodburning Boiler Works

Everything you need to know about how an outdoor woodburning boiler works to heat your home.

Classic Edge Customer Review - Steve Allen

A Central Boiler Classic Edge outdoor woodburning boiler review and testimonial. Find out why Steve is happy with his Central Boiler purchase.

Classic Edge Firebox Door

The Classic Edge firebox door has a multi-layered design and minimises heat loss making it a solid and built to last. Check out what makes this door so unique.

Classic Edge Combustion Controller

The FireStar combustion controller with E-Link technology makes the Classic Edge one of the easiest ways to heat with wood and allows you to connect your woodburning boiler to the internet.

Classic Edge Firebox Volume

Central Boiler's Classic Edge outdoor woodburning boilers are designed with a larger firebox for longer burn times and easier use.