Outdoor Woodburning Boilers

Firestar XP Advanced Outdoor Furnace Monitoring System

Staying Connected

Stay connected to the furnace that saves you money on your heating bill from almost anywhere in the world. Adding the optional FireStar XP wi-fi module keeps you in constant contact with your Central Boiler furnace if you’re just across town having dinner or half way around the world enjoying your vacation on the beach.


  • View water and Reaction Chamber temperatures, burn time and furnace mode (burner temperature and auger run time for Maxim furnaces) in real-time with the easy-to-read interface on your iPhone or other web-enabled device
  • View performance and operational data charts and graphs over a given period of time
  • Choose to have text or emails sent to most any web-enabled device
  • Compatible with any E-Classic or Classic Edge outdoor furnace, or a Maxim M255 PE furnace with FireStar II controller

Download the Firestar XP Brochure


Central Boiler engineers approach wood heating like luxury car designers approach cornering a curve. The result is an advanced combustion controller at the heart of every Central Boiler furnace* that directs all aspects of the burning process automatically. It works in such seamless harmony that it might even make you forget you’re operating an outdoor furnace.

With Central Boiler’s FireStar combustion controller and its E-Link technology, the furnace has the ability to store and share information. Use the information to optimize the furnace’s operation, record a history of your unique heating patterns or add the optional FireStar XP module and stay connected to your furnace no matter where you go.

*FireStar II controller is standard on select Central Boiler outdoor furnace models. Optional FireStar XP requires outdoor furnace equipped with FireStar II controller. Some models feature integrated wi-fi and don’t require FireStar XP to stay connected (see dealer for details).

Download the Firestar XP Brochure

Monitor Your Furnace’s Heartbeat

With FireStar and the real-time graphing interface, not only do you have up-to-the-minute information, but you can also see how your furnace has been operating over a period of time. With a little experience you’ll learn how factors like heat load, weather conditions, wood quality and proper maintenance can affect its operation. That can help you optimize the operation of your furnace.

The Brand That Delivers More Than Warmth

Central Boiler has always been the leading name in safe, comfortable and efficient wood heat. Today, we’re pushing the traditionally accepted notions of heating with wood to new limits by introducing systems that are cleaner and more efficient than ever before. Innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies highlight these systems that give you peace of mind from anywhere in the world, or actually teach you how to operate your furnace most efficiently.

Today, Central Boiler’s commitment to advancing wood-heating technology continues with the FireStar XP. Putting you in control. Giving you peace of mind. That’s what FireStar XP is all about.

Download the Firestar XP Brochure