Outdoor Woodburning Boilers

Classic Edge 300

Door 406mm W x 406mm H
Firebox Length 737mm
Firebox Volume 0.28 cu m
Ash Cleanout Door 457mm W x 229mm H
Water Capacity 568L
Supply/Return Ports 1 set of 1-1/4″ supply and return ports (can be configured for two pumps)
Manufacturer’s Rated Heat Output Capacity 30 kW*

Included with outdoor woodburning boiler
 -Water Test Kit, Cleaning Rod, Scraper Tool, Ground Rod Kit, Thermostatic Valve Kit and two 4-foot chimney sections

NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Based on EN303-5 test.

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The Classic Edge outdoor woodburning boiler is easy to operate and burns less wood than other methods of wood heat.

Classic Edge Model Features

  • Designed to Perform – With innovative features like a patented air charge tube that adds air in all the right places while keeping the coal bed from falling through, to the patent-pending vertical heat exchanger that optimises heat transfer, the Classic Edge is the perfect combination of performance and value.
  • Easy to Operate – With Central Boiler’s FireStar II electronic controller optimising the gasification process, the Classic Edge is one of the easiest ways to heat with wood.
  • Higher Efficiency – Fire burns down through the Fusion Combustor where extremely high temperatures aid in complete combustion, resulting in high efficiency and extremely low emissions.
  • Less Maintenance – Vertical heat exchanger optimises heat transfer and requires little maintenance. Heat exchanger includes integrated cleaning system and, if needed, a removable access plate, a Classic Edge exclusive.
  • Burns Less Wood – A hallmark of Central Boiler woodburning boilers for over 30 years, spray-on urethane foam  is the ultimate airtight, waterproof insulation that locks the heat in to reduce wood usage, even at the coldest temperatures.
  • TITANIUM SERIES Models Available – Titanium Series models offer the same features and benefits of non-stainless models with the added benefit of a stainless steel firebox assembly.
    • Provides superior firebox corrosion resistance
    • Allows for longer burn times
    • Extends life of the woodburning boiler
    • Adding the proper water treatment BEFORE adding water to the system is critical for stainless woodburning boilers. Be sure to review the Owner’s Manual and Warranty/Registration for requirements. Your local dealer can provide more information about Titanium Series models.
  • MCS & DEFRA Approved – The Classic Edge 300 is UK/EU Approved to EN303-5.

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